Granifrigor Desert

Granifrigor Desert

Grain cooling with a GRANIFRIGOR™ is a natural method for cool conservation of grain, corn, rice, paddy and oilseeds. Since 1963, the grain cooling unit GRANIFRIGOR ™ has been manufactured at FrigorTec and successfully used in over 70 countries for many years.

  • Granifrigor KK 450 Desert Granifrigor KK 450 Desert


    Granifrigor KK 450 Desert

    Natural quality control of rice, paddy, spices, grain and oil seeds with GRANIFRIGORTM - the original for more than 50 years. Fumigation is not required. Moisture is prevented. The KK 450 Desert cools up to 10.000 t in 3 weeks. Refrigeration for...
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