Steroglass providing equipment for product analysis

Steroglass is a company well known in the field of chemical, biotechnological and pharmaceutical scientific equipment for more than 50 years. Manufacturing and providing technical services to equipment that uses small samples intended to us for safety and quality production. Giving solutions for industrial, food and beverage analysis, environmental chemistry, diagnostics, biotechnology, pharmaceutical laboratories and applications.

Steroglass provides innovative and user friendly machines used in different industries ensuring high quality results to every phase of production. Their equipment are essential instrument for research and development, and quality control of products and ingredients in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

  • Food and beverage analyzer designed for chemical, enzymatic and colorimetric analyses.
  • Automated titration systems performing the widest range of potentiometric titrations.
  • Equipment for testing water activity meter (aW) to predict microbial growth/perishability, chemical reactivity, color, odor, flavor, texture and shelf-life stability of a product.
  • Highly sensitive metal analyzer unit that is able to detect metal traces in different simple or complex matrixes.
  • Supplying equipment used in oenology and wine analysis such wine analyzer, distillation, autosampler and even up to laboratory glassware.

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