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Food Technology


CI Scientific has a long history servicing the requirements for food technology instruments calibration, delivering services across our entire capability base.

CI Scientific is fully in accordance with NATA and the Industry Standards. We employ the most effective and efficient techniques to ensure ongoing operations without compromising the quality of our clients’ product.

We provide calibration services for the following:

          • Oven
          • Temperature Probes such as Thermometers
          • Infrared Temperature Devices
          • Refrigerators and Freezers
          • Scales
          • Ph Meters
          • Metal Detectors
          • Farinograph
          • Viscometer

Guaranteed that our team will fulfill all your testing and calibration needs following the industry standards.


Let CI Scientific take care of the rest. Leave your details below or Give us a call at 1300 225 542 and a friendly member of our team will contact you shortly.