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Beer, It's Science in a Glass

Beer, It's Science in a Glass

Cheers for this holiday season! Have you ever searched online on how they usually make beer? I remember watching a documentary about brewing beers, I watched it out of curiosity and it fill up my interest a lot!

Aside from its ingredients like hops, water, malt and yeast. There are lot more to consider make a quality beer.

The definition of quality of beer is those characteristics of the final product that makes the beer to meet the requirements defined for the product such as flavor, color, aroma, bitterness, food safety, customer satisfaction, profitability, etc. This is accomplished in three steps:

  • Defining quality requirements
  • Quality Controls
  • Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement

The first step is to define the desired requirements of the beer in different areas, such as sensory attributes, food safety requirements, customer satisfaction, costs, profitability, environmental impact, etc.

Quality Controls are performed during the production process, raw materials, intermediates and final beer. The implementation of these controls will allow brewers to proactively assess whether the brewing process is under control.

The Quality Assurance is the process through which the quality controls, metrics and results are audited or proactively monitored regularly to identify opportunities for improvement. These quality assurance plans are fully implemented in breweries of large industrial groups and can be adapted to craft breweries under the same principles and objectives, i.e. managing quality, improve processes and maximize performance of the brewery.

As technologies advance, simple and fast chemical analysis of beer for quality control has continuously grown interest to brewery owners.

The BRAUMEISTER is an instrument for beer quality check and control and is the ideal solution for routine analysis of major quality parameters during beer production.

In modern brewing quality control operations, reliable and accurate analytical results are necessary to provide customers with products of highest and – what is most important – consistent quality. In order to be most competitive in the world market, consistent high yields, top quality and low production costs are the objectives that need to be achieved.

Know more about the Braumeister by clicking this link. Cheers mate!

7th Dec 2018 Jurgen Cyrulla

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