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Debugger DB 18


The DEBUGGER 18 is especially designed for insect heat treatment for mills and bakeries. A great casting distance and ease of use characterize the device.


Debugger Brochure

Handling and operation: 

  • Ease of use
  • The modular design of the DEBUGGER process allows great flexibility to adapt to the structural conditions and rapid deployment (assembly and dismantling)

Energy and environmental balance:

  • Large casting distance
  • High heat output at low surface temperature

Technical Specification


DB 18


Volume flow [m³/h]

Heating capacity [kW]




Electrical data

Output [kW]

Max. current consumption [A]

Electrical connection¹ [A]





Dimensions [L x W x H in mm]

710 x 570 x 1.250

Weight² [kg]


All figures are valid for 400 V-3 Ph-50 Hz

1) According to CEE
2) Including cable and plug

Subject to technical changes.


Function of DEBUGGER process

The insect heat treatment makes use of the fact that insects die by protein coagulation at air temperatures of at least 45° C. This DEBUGGER process kills not only the adult insects but also their egg deposition and larvae. This method always makes sure that the room temperature during operation never rises above 60° C to prevent damage to buildings and their equipment. Not only the temperature, but also the exposure time have considerable influence on the effect. Dust must be removed before the insect heat treatment.

Depending on the local conditions and requirements, it is necessary to use insect heat treatment equipment with ATEX approval.

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