190-900nm Wavelength Range Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer


* Completely controlled by PC, can flexibly select the flame and graphite furnace atomizer (optional).

* Integrated floated optical platform design improves the optical system shock resistance stable.

* Eight light stands can be changed automatically and preheat the eight lights meantime as well as optimize the working
condition of the hollow cathode lamp.

* Position adjusting: the flame burner can be set on the best position automatically.

* Fully automated wavelength scanning and peak searching.

* Complete safety chains protection equipment: warning and automatic safety protection for the wrong burner connection,
leakage of the gas, under voltage of air and the abnormal flameout.

* Deuterium lamp and self-absorption background calibration.

* Measuring method: flame absorption method and emission method.

* Result printing: parameter, data result and diagram.

* Data processing: more than 500 data self-storage and cut-off storage, the analyzed result is stored in EXCEL format.

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