2nm 4nm Spectral Bandwidth Single Beam Spectrophotometer

Product Features

⊙With GLP self-check function, check the wavelength accuracy and Photometry accuracy
⊙Wavelength calibration, wavelength setting, change lamp source and dark current calibration automatically
⊙With Si02 coating optical mirror, reducing the pollution from outside fully
⊙PC Software to expand the applications to Quantitative, Multi-Wavelength and Kinetics, Spectrum Scanning, DNA/Protein test for PC Series
Basic Functions:
1, Photometry
Test Abs., Transmittance and Energy by fixed wavelength
2, Quantitative
Linear fit and Linear fit through zero two modes
a. Coefficient, Standard Sample input and Standard Sample read three modes to establish standard curve
b. Establish A=K1*C+K0, can search original data, graph curve, parameters settings
c. Can save 240 group curves, can test 240 data in each curve
d. Double wavelength, Triple wavelength test functions
3, Kinetics
Used for time course scanning or reaction ratecalculations△A/t,can search all data.
4, Multi-Wavelength
Can test Transmittance and Abs. with 8 different wavelengths at most

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