Laboratory Chemical Liquid Vertical Separatory Funnel Shaker

Laboratory Chemical Liquid Vertical Separatory Funnel ShakerIntroductionVertical Shaker is a kind of laboratory liquid liquid separating & extraction instrument by vertical shaking.

Widely used in oil extraction from water, volatile phenol extraction, food & grease extraction, pesticide residue extraction, water organic pollutant extraction, soil harmful substance extraction, etc.Advantages,

1.Vertical shaker equipment can automatically shake separating funnel, complete liquid-liquid extraction, sample mixing, etc.
2. Large amplitude, high speed, working time can be set.
3. Adjustable frequency, batch samples processing, high efficiency, high recovery rate, minimizing operator exposure to chemical agents to protect personal safety.
4. Easy to install & operate, meet the needs of all types of laboratory extraction purification.
5. Shaking by both vertical & slant methods. Powerful strength for the mix of extraction liquid & water.
6. Low noise & long time stable working.
7. Rotated sample holder, easy to install & detach specimen.
8. Varies sample holders alternative to adapt varies experiments.Technical Parameters

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