Water Jacket 80L Microcomputer Controller CO2 Incubator for Laboratory

Carbon dioxide (CO2) incubators provide optimal growing conditions and contamination prevention for valuable cell cultures.BIOBASE provides a wide range of CO2 incubators, ranging from a small capacity and volume to a large scale capacity cabinet. All the CO2 incubators are build with the patented Water Jacket and Air Jacket systems, which minimizes the risk of condensation at the present and in the future.
Product Features

*  Water tank for humidity in the chamber.

*  Air jacket:equipped with UV Lamp for sterilizing; Water jacket: equipped with HEPA filter.

*  Equipped with USB port and LCD touch screen, the incubator can save data in real time.

*  High quality CO2 gas filter ensures the inside gad quality.

*  SMC brand gas circuit valves ensure more stable CO2 concentration and less consumption of CO2 gas.

*  Microcomputer controller,LED displays temperature,CO2 concentration ,run-time and timing.

*  High quality infrared sensor for accurate CO2 concentration.

*  The working chamber adopts round angle structure , easy to clean.

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