Debugger Power Distribution

Using the DEBUGGER method (heat treatment) from FrigorTec, the DEBUGGER DB18 has proven its effectiveness in killing insects, larva, and eggs, for decades. This method increases the air temperature to a range between 45°C and 60°C, and keeps it there, so that pests die off without using chemical substances, thus preventing damage to buildings and their fittings. A power distributor is required depending on the size of the installation site or the number of devices, and we recommend using one or more SCRAMBLER SC 6000s to save energy.

Fields of application

  • Specially developed for large spaces, e.g., mills, bakeries, the food-processing industry
  • Often used in spice and coffee processing, as well as in the tobacco industry, muesli manufacture, and small animal feed production
  • Combine several DEBUGGER DB18s in very large rooms and halls

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