Deviro™ AF650

The deviro™ cleans room air of fine dust, viruses and other elements that are harmful to health using a three-phase filtration system. The downstream HEPA H14 filter removes 99.995% of impurities from the air. Despite its powerful fan, the deviro™ is one of the quietest filtration devices in its class and can therefore also be used in work rooms.

Fields of application

  • Areas with a high turnover of people, such as supermarkets, fitness studios and restaurants
  • Noise-sensitive environments such as work rooms, control stands, offices, meeting rooms, technology control centres and medical practices
  • Industrial applications such as production areas and electronics rooms with personnel
  • Three filter stages remove 99.995% of air impurities
  • Sound insulation enables use in noise sensitive surroundings
  • Simplified transport with handles and fixed castors
  • Every deviro™ is produced at our German plant and undergoes a factory test run before delivery
  • Easy operation, timer can be selected with app
  • Optional UVC technology for additional safety

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