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Maintaining the Vital Pressure

The demand for trusted pressure calibration solutions

The force exerted in an area or object is simply known as pressure. Measuring it will determine the amount of force to use, keep, or measure regularly. Absolute, gauge and differential pressures are the 3 kinds of pressure measurements, each with respective devices.
Calibration of a pressure gauge is completed by way of a comparison between a calibrated reference gauge and a non-calibrated pressure gauge. This process looks at comparing various test points across the range of the pressure gauge. The Instrument Under Test (IUT) should match the calibrated reference. If it does not match, then it should be adjusted (If applicable) or come close to the desired pressure measurement. The known error margins of the IUT are those that do not match the reference.

Pressure gauges are mechanical instruments commonly used in industries that operate with devices providing the force mechanisms in the production process. Mechanical or analogue gauges normally drift due to mechanical stress in time, and other affecting conditions. Quality problems with the products may come undetected which would lead to serious safety issues and increased production costs. Therefore, pressure gauges should be calibrated regularly to expect correct measurements.

CI Scientific - Quality Assured Calibrations

The precision and traceability of the reference measurement instrument used to calibrate a pressure gauge is critical. When calibrating a pressure gauge, the values across the entire measuring range are checked, including the zero-point, intermediate values, and full-scale values. After the outputs have been verified and the gauges have been adjusted, the device is calibrated.

CI Scientific is accredited to conduct testing on the following equipment:

Magnehelic Pressure Gauge Pressure Gauge Vacuum Gauge
Manometer Pressure Vessel - mA readings Blood Pressure Monitor

CI Scientific's calibration services ensure that every type of pressure gauge that a business may require is serviced on a regular basis. Its pressure instruments can be traced back to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and it provides calibration for pressure and flow equipment such as:

Air or pneumatic pressure gauge Hydraulic Pressure Gauge Vacuum Gauge
Differential Pressure Gauge Magnehelic Pressure Gauge Blood Pressure Monitor

CI Scientific is the Best Option

With CI Scientific calibrating your gauges you can rest easy knowing that they were calibrated correctly the first time. With that peace of mind, CI Scientific is helping to maintain your safe workplace by reducing the risk of hazardous incidents, as our certificate will pinpoint the pressure gauges outside of your tolerance and or manufacturer's tolerance. CI Scientific is your service provider for high-precision calibrations of pressure gauges.

CI Scientific has a team of highly trained specialists in the field of pressure calibration. With more than 51 years of technical and industry experience, CI Scientific's team is equipped to handle your pressure calibration needs.

Time is of the essence

CI Scientific is not just your calibration organization we are your business partners; scheduling your equipment through our Asset Management System (AMS) ensuring your calibrations occur when they are due. CI Scientific's service team is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to carry out the calibrations on-site or in-house. If you are not one of our partners and new to the CI experience and have forgotten to get your pressure gauges calibrated, contact us now for our priority service.

Committed to You!

CI Scientific is committed to you and your calibration needs. With a responsive, proactive, and dependable team we get things right the first time. Excellence is our continuing commitment to you.

Contact us now for your pressure calibration requirements!

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