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The urgency for trusted temperature calibration solutions 

Temperature is measured by the amount of heat energy an object has. It is a relative measurement with reference points determining a scale to accurately measure temperature. Whether electrical or mechanical, temperature measurement devices must be properly calibrated to determine precise warmth or coolness in attaining required outputs.  

We are authorized to conduct service on the following equipment: 



Dry Block 



Hot Plate / Magnetic Stirrer 

Humidity Gauge 


Moisture Meter 

Moisture Oven 


Refrigerated Bath 

Temperature and Humidity Data Logger 

Temperature Enclosures 

Temperature Meter and Probe 



Water Bath 


The CI Science Quality Assurance (QA) 

Excellent calibration services from CI Scientific cover a broad range of temperature and humidity monitoring equipment, ensuring that devices perform at their best. Its state-of-the-art facilities and proficient team assure accurate and reliable results even when working on-site. 


CI Scientific is the Best Option 

A wide range of sectors, from one-man testing facilities to multi-national organizations, rely on CI Scientific to meet temperature measurement device scales laws and standards for certain industries, which are critical to research facilities, universities, and general laboratories.  

To measure warmth or coolness in the manufacturing of products, companies must employ accurate and approved temperature measurement instrument scales. Erroneous element readings result in recalled items, which can be damaging to a company's bottom line and can also tarnish its reputation.  

Get the most reliable calibration with CI Scientific’s factory-trained and technically savvy service team accumulated 51 years of experience to stay responsive and dependable along with the rest of modern service organizations. 




Time is of the essence 

To ensure that all your calibration requirements need are acted upon on the same day, our team of highly trained technicians is prepared with state-of-the-art equipment, to carry out the calibration on-site or in-house. As business partners, CI Scientific together with its clients plans a calibration schedule for periodic scales calibration and ensures that all compliances are met. 


Continuing commitment to serve at your convenience 

CI Scientific’s decades of experience developed a responsive and dependable team that will get things right not just from the first time its service is called, but every time trouble arises on your temperature apparatus. Excellence is our continuing commitment to deliver.  

Contact us now for your calibration requirements! 

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