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Keeping weighing scales’ reliability

CI Scientific is the trustworthy and expert partner that confidently assures the consistent accuracy of its customers’ scales, balances, and load cell calibration devices. It is one of Australia’s go-to companies for calibration services. Its test laboratory is accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA), ISO 17025 and ISO 9001 certified, and accredited and certified Trade Verifiers. CI Scientific provides quick online verified reports to meet all your auditing needs, backed up by a full quality team of Metrologists.

CI Scientific’s state-of-the-art facilities regularly calibrate:

  • Measuring scales and balances covering micro balances down to 0.0000001g up to 100 Tonne
  • Tension testing devices up to 16 Nm
  • Different types of load cells in tension and compression
  • Tanks
  • Hoppers
  • Moisture Balance
  • Checkweighers
  • Platform Scales
  • Batch Weighers
  • Counting Scales
  • Carat Scales for Gems and Gold

CI Scientific is the Best Option

A broad section of industries ranging from one-man testing facilities up to multi-national corporations rely on CI Scientific to meet calibration of scales regulations and requirements for certain industries, essential to research facilities, universities, general laboratories for their operations including delivery companies that weigh parcels to determine precise shipping costs.
While manufacturing companies must use accurate and certified industrial scales to measure raw materials to create compound products, erroneous measurement of constituents subsequently produce recalled products, financially hurting a business, at a price that may ruin the company’s reputation.

Time is of the essence.

To ensure that all your calibration requirements need are acted upon on the same day, our team of highly trained technicians is prepared and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, to carry out the calibration on-site or in house, cutting down customer downtime. As business partners, CI Scientific together with its clients plans a calibration schedule for periodic scales calibration and ensures that all compliances are met.

Continuing commitment to serve at your convenience.

CI Scientific takes pride in its 51 years of accumulated experience to stay responsive and dependable along with the rest of modern service organizations.
Customer service is guaranteed since we will get it right not just from the first time, we served you, but every time trouble arises on your weighing equipment. Excellence is our continuing commitment to deliver.

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Weighing equipment calibration is integral to total quality management.

Accurate weighing equipment is indispensable in almost every business. Generally, all business enterprises cannot escape the reality that in their operations, specific industry scales are involved. The exploitation of raw materials by Primary Industries like mining, farming, and fishing adhere to a weighing process as a basis for pricing. Manufacturing as a Secondary Industry like steel companies and carmakers rely on weighing instruments in assuring correct capacities. In the service industry in areas such as education, travel, and tourism, companies need weight measurements in their operations. Research and development industries otherwise known as the Quaternary industries would not be devoid of a digital weighing scale as a research tool.

The damage that the slightest inaccuracy in weight may not only be measured in monetary terms alone but qualitatively tarnishing the company’s credibility as legal for trade. Precise and robust precision balance must be assured, but its consistency may become inaccurate with a device’s wear and tear. Regular calibration should be part of a company’s operating procedure. The frequency of calibration may vary considering the business environment including other factors such as temperature, vibrations, air drafts, chemical reactions, uncalibrated scales, magnets, electrical overloads, user error, improper grounding, slope, and/or inappropriate handling of the sample that affect the trustworthiness of a weighing scale to display the correct reading.

Take the case of an airline that caught negative attention when a video has become viral on social media with more than 799,000 views and 15,000 Facebook shares in a week after a disgruntled passenger posted it and warned that the airline, he had was using one weighing scale that is "off by 14-kg." Good faith is an unacceptable excuse since checking passengers’ luggage weight is at the very heart of an airline’s operation. This is the price of negligence in preserving not only the integrity of their weighing devices but of their company.

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